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Eclipsed Surf Competition (Esc) Is Australia and New Zealand's biggest upcoming surf competition for 2009, Sponsored by 'Eclipsed Servers'
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 Tournament Rules

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PostSubject: Tournament Rules   Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:52 am


1. Hacking
1.1 - Hacking During the course of the competition is prohibited, if you are caught with any form of video, you will be permanently banned from the Eclipsed Surf Competition, We consider (Walls, enhanced aim, aimbot, rate hacking, anti recoil, Flash bang remover, speed hacks, spin hacks and b-hop scripts) Quick weapon switch scripts are allowed.

Rate Hacking is not allowed at any time during competition. While in a tournament war you must have the rates shown below if you are seen with incorrect rates during a tournament war you will be removed from the war until they are fixed.

The recommended rates for a 100tick server:
cl_cmdrate 100 | cl_updaterate 100 | rates 30000
Capped rates are permitted
cl_cmdrate 32 | cl_updaterate 32 | rates 7500

2. Tournament Play
A war will consist of 5v5, Wars between teams will be chosen by the tournament leaders on specific grounds.
The competition will consist of 16 teams, round one will be team 1 vs 2 team 3 vs 4 and so on the wining teams of the 8 wars in round 1 will move onto round 2, round 2 will be a total of 4 wars the wining teams of the 4 wars will move onto the semi-finals the winning teams from the semi-finals will move onto the finals were the last 2 teams will battle for the title of Eclipsed Surfing Champions

3. Tournament Maps and Info
The tournament will be held on surf_greatriver_fix, Wars will be as shown below.

Round 1

Week 1= 3 wars, 6 teams will war. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Week 2= 3 wars, 6 teams will war. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Week 3= 2 wars, 4 teams will war. On Monday and Wednesday.


Week 3= 1 war, 2 teams will war. On Friday.
Week 4= 3 wars, 6 teams will war. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Week 5= 2 wars, 4 teams will war. On Monday and Wednesday.


Week 5= 1 war, 2 teams will war. On Friday.

4. Teams

Teams will consist of 5 main players and an optional reserve. A sub can be used in any match at any time. The match referee must be consulted before a sub enters the match. The player that is being replaced must leave the server before the sub may enter.

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Tournament Rules
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