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Eclipsed Surf Competition (Esc) Is Australia and New Zealand's biggest upcoming surf competition for 2009, Sponsored by 'Eclipsed Servers'
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 Referee Registration!

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PostSubject: Referee Registration!   Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:09 am

Eclipsed Surf, is currently looking for referees to spectate competition wars and demo specific players for suspicion of programs/scripts to enhance game play artificially. If you are interested in becoming a referee please follow the instructions below, as a referee you will be declined participation to play in the competition. (PLEASE READ BELOW)

Step 1: Create a new topic under this forum named (YourNameHere-ESC-RR)

Step 2: Copy the template (BELLOW) and edit it to your specifications.

In-game Name: ********
Steam Friend ID: *******
Steam-ID: ********

Age: ******
Country: *******
Internet Speed: *******


Why do you believe you would be a good referee: *************************

What week day hours are you available to help?: *************************

Have you read and accepted RULES/PENALTIES:*************************

Will you be committed to Eclipsed Surf?:*************************

Questions/Additional info:*************************



1. Any form of ghosting and/or revealing the location of a player on the map to other players at anytime during the competition is an offense. (Result = Permanent Ban From All Eclipsed Competition Servers And Removed From The Eclipsed Servers Referee Panel)

2. Any form of communication to players warring, as well as any response to a question from players waring is an offense. (Result = Removed From Current War And Warned, If That Recipient Is Found Breaking Referee Rules Again They Will Be Permanently Removed From All Competition Related Work)

3. All suspicious activity from any player during the competition must be reported to a Competition Official immediately they will be contactable via in game chat/officer chat. Suspicious activity includes strange (aim, screen activity, jumping, speed e.g) Failing to report suspicions is an offense (Result = Failing To Report Suspicions To The Official Will Result In Being Removed For 3-16 Of The Following Wars)

4. All referees must record an entire demo of the wars they attend, you will be reminded before and after each war, failing to record is an offense (Result = Removed From 3-16 Of The Following Wars)

5. As a referee you may not join/play in any Competition deviated wars, this is for specific reasons (Result = Permentent Ban From Eclipsed Surf Servers And Removed As Referee)

OFFICIALS: Officials Will Be In All Wars You Will Report Everything To Them.


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Referee Registration!
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